Face Masks- Are they Effective Against COVID-19?

There's a huge debate on whether masks work or not. Tons of people feel that masks are a conspiracy for government control. While I understand their fears, and there is control where it shouldn't be within the government, this is not that. Someone who further breaks down the supposed "documentary" called the "Pandemic", does fact checking on these conspiracies, and this article explains why people believe such conspiracy theories

I'm going to make this post as quick and painless as possible.

1. Mask do work:

  • Some are more effective than others.
  • They provide more protection for others than they do for you... but that doesn't mean they don't provide protection, especially if you're keeping your hands clean, and if you're wearing a higher filtration mask such as an N-95, K-N95, or N-100. This is how doctors and nurses keep from getting sick while caring for patients.
  • For the best self protection, you should social distance in addition to wearing a mask, keep your hands clean, and wash your clothes after going out in public. Also use your debit card instead of cash, just to be on the safe side.
  • If you're not keeping your hands clean, or your touching your mask or causing cross contamination between touching other things and your things, a mask will only protect you as far as your clean hands go. So keep hand sanitizer on you. If you don't have that, use alcohol with a small spray bottle.

If you want to learn more about the scientific logistics of how masks work, check out this video.



2. When all else fails, listen to the experts such as the physicists, scientists, and engineers.

After all, you wouldn't trust someone who does drywall to cut and color your hair.



3. The truth shall set you free:

We did this experiment ourselves, and could not blow out a candle no matter how hard we tried with all 3 types of masks, which were all similar to Bill's masks. I would encourage you to try this yourself just so you know the truth. Again, I'd put my money on the expert than someone who's just out for internet fame. It's sad that someone like this woman would put people's lives at risk for selfish intentions.



In addition to the above info, here's some COVID-19 Myth Busters from the WHO


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