My Close Friend Tested Positive for COVID-19 ; Here's What Happened to Her

The very rough road dealing with COVID-19 when the curve isn't necessarily flat enough. 

I know of plenty of people who got Coronavirus. My mom has friends she went to school with, who got it, and some of them got through it okay, some of them nearly died, and some of them actually died from it. 

Another close friend of mine has relatives who got it, and one or two of them also died from it.

Now, one of my closest friends got it-- and she's the biggest germ-a-phobe I know! She's also the most organized and clean person I know. She even got one of those little keys that you put on your keychain, to open doors, and press elevator and ATM machine buttons.

She wore a mask and used hand sanitizer everywhere she went. What's more is that she is a health nut and takes herbal supplements, drinks smoothies, and eats healthy meals, and she's been that way her whole life.

By the way, she's 40yrs old, and lives in Columbus Ohio, which is currently a hot spot for COVID right now. 

So how did she get COVID-19 with all of the precaution that she was taking? Well, you know how they say it only takes one time to get pregnant? It only takes one time of exposure to get COVID-19. 

Since the government wasn't making such a big deal out of Coronavirus anymore, upon the re-opening of businesses, my friend thought it would be okay to go to a work-out studio-- an INDOOR workout studio. She said they all took precautions, making people wear masks, use sanitizer, social distance, etc. She said they even had designated spaces and sections for certain things.

However, once they entered the workout studio, the instructor said that wearing masks was "optional"-- and who'd want to work out with a mask on??? Not me!

(Disclaimer: Above photo is not the gym she was at. Not throwing anyone under the bus here... just giving examples for teaching purposes.)


Now, I'll be the first to tell you not to work out with a mask on... But I'll also be the first to tell you, that if you're going to work out, don't do it in an enclosed space with other people who are inhaling and exhaling at rapid and forceful rates. Come on now! 

So, a few days later, my friend gets an email telling her that one of the people in her workout class has COVID-19. She felt fine for many days, but self-quarantined to be on the safe side. On day 5, she got VERY SICK. 

She had a fever, headache, sore throat, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, hallucinations, and lost her sense of smell and taste for 2 weeks. She said, it's the worst she's ever felt. 

What's even worse is that she couldn't find COVID testing ANYWHERE near home in Columbus Ohio. She called and called many places, waited on hold for hours, and could never get through. She said they previously had an abundance of testing, but by the time she needed a test, they had ran out. 

Finally, she found a drive up place, who could test her, and she scheduled an appointment online, but after she scheduled it, she didn't even get a confirmation of any kind. Now mind you, the U. S. is supposed to have such an abundance of tests. But apparently, they're not in Columbus Ohio. 

Talking to her on the phone, she said to me, "I think I have an appointment. I scheduled it, but there's no confirmation." She said, "They better have me down for this appointment, because I'm going on Friday and they better test me!!" This uncertainty was killing us while we both waited one very long week just for to see if she even had an appointment! 

(Could you imagine the aggravation other people may have gone through, and just decided not to go because of this clusterfuck?" There could potentially be a lot of people who had COVID-19, but never tested because of a situation like this.)

Anyway, Friday comes, and FINALLY, she gets her test!! 


Now... the waiting game...

She waits a full week before enquiring about her test results, and here is their response.... 


Mind you, it says on the website, that "if you've been waiting more than 5 days, contact us"... and when she contacts them, THIS is what she gets... WTF?!


God forbid you try to call them or get some sort of answer... you get NOTHING! 



During a time like this, people are scared; they're confused, and they want answers-- and there aren't any readily available.

Given the timing of when my friend got COVID-19 (in the beginning of July, 2020), she shouldn't have had to wait this long to get a test or her results-- Not at a time when my son, who was going into surgery, could get same-day test results within 30 minutes, (in Cincinnati Ohio) prior to going into surgery. What she experienced shouldn't be happening to anyone!! 

Two weeks later, she finally got her test result.. which was Positive of course.  But TWO WEEKS?! Not to mention, the results were confusing. If you want to know about interpretation of COVID-19 test results, check out my post on that.

There shouldn't be a time when someone who actually has Coronavirus, is given a hard way to go about getting a test, let alone, their results... when a 30 minute, rapid test is available for people who don't actually have it. 

For the people who don't understand why this pandemic is such a problem... This is just a small taste of what it might be like if you or someone close to you gets COVID-19. Could you imagine if people were all being so careless, not taking precautions or wearing masks, just how quickly this can spread and cause absolute mayhem? Yeah, the majority of people will live through this, but this is exactly how the medical systems get overloaded, and there's not enough care to go around-- let alone getting testing. 

This happened at a time when things were pretty chill, considering they were opening things back up. But now the numbers are growing ever so fast, and we're about to see what that mayhem would look like-- if we're not careful.

Because Covid-19 is so highly contagious, just one person can be responsible for the spread to 59,000 people in a snowball effect, especially when a person is not showing signs or symptoms.

This is why it's so incredibly important to take precaution, because like my friend, we may not know we have it for a week or so. So if we run around spreading it carelessly, without even realizing we have it, that's how we end up overloading the healthcare system and first responders. This is what they mean when they say "flatten the curve"; don't overload the healthcare system.


By the way, that gym that my friend went to, closed down, because apparently many more people from there also came down with COVID-19. That was really dumb of them to have people working out indoors, where a bunch of people are inhaling and exhaling at rapid and forceful rates. Just dumb and selfish! 

Small businesses, like the above mentioned workout studio, have the PPP forgivable loan and EIDL grant. Granted, it's not the ideal situation, but it was there to help keep them afloat. Not to mention, if they wanted to stay open that bad, they could have put up some tents outside and set up shop at a park or something, and keep people socially distanced. There's plenty of land to work out on. How hard could it be? Geesh!! 

My friend trusted that it was okay to workout in the gym, since they, the leaders and owners of the business permitted everyone to workout without masks. Personally, I wouldn't have trusted that, but that's probably because I know way more about this than most people do. It's my business to know, especially if I'm going to do my part to help fight this thing. 

Anyway, I just thought it would be helpful for some of you to read this story. Maybe it will help you understand what people are going through. Maybe it will be helpful during your time of waiting for an appointment or test results. Or maybe it will just be something you can relate to during this incredibly stressful and confusing time.

If you think this article would be helpful to get someone to understand why it's so important to take precaution, please send it to them. We can't help everyone... but if we all help someone, we're doing our part, and that will be one less person responsible for infecting 59,000 people.

Please consider buying a Social Distancing or First Responder T-Shirt to support research and much needed protective equipment to our first responders. If you can't do that, please consider sharing the home page of our website.  The profit is being donated to the Covid Response Fund.   


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