**For order status inquiries: If you haven't received your order yet, please wait at least 3 weeks to contact us about your order. 

Normally, it takes 2–7 business days to ship apparel products from the printing and shipping facility at Printful. However, due to the recent surge in orders, and operating at a lower capacity during COVID-19, orders can take up to 10-17 business days to fulfill and ship in the U.S, and 2-7 business days for Europe. We've been seeing orders get processed sooner than that, but can't make any guarantees. 

How the whole process works here is that we create the designs for the shirts, and upon you submitting an order, those designs are sent to a T-Shirt printing warehouse that fulfills, prints, and ships them. Essentially, this is a print-on-demand service, so your items get printed upon your ordering them. However, with the warehouse working at lower capacity, we've been at their mercy when it comes to fulfillment times. 

We do apologize for the longer delivery time, but can assure you that we are working really hard around the clock on this project, and we're trying our best to make everyone happy.

Upon ordering, you'll get a confirmation of your order.

Then, once the warehouse fulfills and ships your order, you'll get an email with a tracking number, and that will allow you to track your package until it reaches your destination.

Fulfillment times can and are changing during this time. The online market is more busy now, than Christmas time, as even Amazon has expressed that it's experiencing delays of up to 1 month.

Fulfillment/shipping times are gradually speeding back up as the days progress with the re-opening of businesses.

We will continue to update our website on fulfillment times as we get information from the fulfillment warehouse. If you'd like to see updates on shipping times directly from our warehouse, click here.

Thank you so much for your patience! We sincerely appreciate you supporting our cause and helping us combat COVID-19!