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Story Behind the Shirts

I'm a single mom, graphic designer, and community advocate.

After having to go out to buy essentials, and feeling that people were not keeping their distance, I was motivated to create these social distancing T-shirts. I also had the realization that while I'm staying safely at home, away from all the madness, there are people, such as essential workers and first responders, who are out there on the front lines battling this war. These are the people who are making sacrifices daily to serve us, protect us, and keep us alive.

The purpose of this T-shirt fundraising campaign is 3-fold. Not only do I want to encourage people to respect social distancing to save lives, but I feel that our essential workers, who are out there serving us and saving lives, should be acknowledged and appreciated. And while we're at it, we might as well raise some money to help counteract this pandemic.

Let's keep our social distancing in check, support our essential workers, and contribute to research, supplies, first responders, and patients, who have been suffering as a result of this global pandemic.

Shipping & fulfillment

Our fulfillment and shipping warehouse at (Printful) is open. Normally, it takes 2–7 business days to fulfill and ship apparel products, and 2–5 business days to ship non-apparel products. However, orders may take longer than normal to arrive due to operating at a lower capacity during COVID-19. as well as the recent surge in orders. Therefore, your order could take up to 2-3 weeks to fulfill.  Fulfillment and shipping times can and are changing during this time, as even Amazon has expressed that it's experiencing delays of up to 1 month.. For updates on shipping times, click here.